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  1. E

    Casey Howard 😂😂

  2. Evan G

    Nobody: Shakira: 👅👅👅

  3. OfficialJumpman24

    Here after he bullied Josh Norman & the Texans

  4. buddymax46

    TJ Watt is gonna do a Tarentell’ on Tannyhill!


    #3 IS G.O.A.T.E.D

  6. Franklin Cook

    6:50 tho

  7. Megatronprime2007

    Gonna come back here and put a laugh emoji when Chicago wins and proves them wrong

  8. Patricia White


  9. themightyquyn

    Anyone here after Daniel Jones fall?

  10. Jake A

    Do Patriots fans hate Brady now?

  11. Jonathan Funnell


  12. Tystie

    alternate title: “derrick henry abusing his children”

  13. Brandon Hollis

    Can y’all put the adds in aka commercials

  14. Mahj Gaming

    chiefs are going to win easily

  15. Sage

    3:48 does anyone know what he was trying to do?

  16. The Mad Master

    Bruh. Half of the teams aren't even there.

  17. Ian Hartzell

    Gotta keep the rats out of the stadium.

  18. Robert Garcia

    Cards are not losing

  19. DJ Dream214

    Please don't leave this team with such a basic name they deserve better than that

  20. James Dalton

    How is Brady 14th on the list this year yet he didn’t even make the pro bowl. Ryan Tannehill was the passer rating leader and made the pro bowl but he is ranked 68 on this list???

  21. Peanut Deigh


  22. T Hillin Kids

    Lol i love how forte jukes 98 and 98 tackles his own player hahahah

  23. Kjayyy

    All I’m saying is it’s real coincidental that the Eagles always get the best penalties at the right times and the other team gets an extreme penalties when the eagles are home ....we seen it this week and especially when they played the ravens look into that officiating crew

  24. drew laredo

    A fitting end with the Jones fumble. So funny.....

  25. Fishy

    i dont think they realize that titans have derick henry the person who has already ran a 94 yard touchdown this season

  26. Jeff Dubya

    I just hope everyone has fun

  27. Brandon Vickers

    I think this is game off the year since I’m a titans fan we gonn win xD titans:45 Steelers 42

  28. Shadow Shiba

    Michael Vick, desean Jackson, lesean McCoy, and obj (I know I know overrated), god squad

  29. Kittynelson 4

    I wonder what her math calculation is

  30. Omar Evans

    Bruh how many times the Bears gotta prove y'all wrong lol. Just get in front of the camera and say anything lol.


    Ridícula como siempre

  32. Justin Smilo

    He predicted the eagles at 5-2 *cries in 2-4-1*

  33. __________________

    When he asked the ref his name

  34. Shadow Shiba

    Playing 04 with Michael Vick was just a cheat

  35. Johnny Moore

    cam newton had flashbacks at 4:20

  36. Theo Keith Jones

    Chiefs over Denver

  37. Cesar Sanchez

    Raider haters



  39. Jorqe Barron

    ugly god

  40. Antonio PR

    Shakira opacó a Jennifer López en todos los sentidos, ella transmitió lo que JLo no pudo.

  41. Vichy of France Fan123

    Bill's 37- jets 2 (safety)

  42. Tony jimenez

    Carson Wentz swagger is spreading, you could really see it in Travis, Boston, Greg, Singleton, and (not the greatest of player) John Hightower. They all got that Warrior mentality and it sucks that Djax got hurt bc he was also out there playing with that swagger. I'm also almost positive Djax asked for that punt return, he was trying to repeat history by cooking the Giants on a punt return again. #FlyEaglesFly

  43. shuaib Hassan

    DAMN didnt think nfl had it in them to put that title LMAOOOO

  44. Theo Keith Jones

    Chargers over Jaguars

  45. Flyboy Titus

    Bro the first home it's a helmet hit that was different but that second one I felt that

  46. Theo Keith Jones

    Browns over Bengals

  47. truongthwi truongthao Group


  48. Kole Kellerman

    Let's go baby we gonna do it again

  49. Crazycow6136 Roblox

    In a few weeks the Texans biggest play is gonna be a 2 yard run

  50. Ly Tran

    Only the NFL dudes can have a 5-1 Chiefs team vs a winless team and have it decided by less than 3 scores hell even less than 7 points.

  51. youngHendrix 91

    bet you bears fans still happy you traded up to draft him....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. bacon forprez


  53. Tony Garcia

    Like always everyone doubting the bears !!! But I have watched this every week and the bears have proven these fools wrong !!! And once again they will !!! BEAR DOWN 🐻 !!! Where my Bears Fans at !!!! Like 👇

  54. bacon forprez


  55. JohnnyO Films

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that the bears had 3 lineman going out for passes 3:20

  56. BlackTiramisu

    2:02 Why df would you call your kid Willie Gay. Do they want him to get bullied in school?

  57. Joseph Gilbert

    31-21 blitzburgh Pittsburgh

  58. Ly Tran

    Imagine if 3 teams can’t even get the # of wins 1 TEAM has.

  59. Koncerned

    Those titans look scary

  60. Adif Kr

    This really put smile on my face

  61. Tony Perez

    BeBee did the Tibow Thing before Tibow did it.. :)

  62. Arsenal 14

    I knew the bears were gonna destroy this season 🐻⬇️

  63. Kansas city Chiefs

    I’m telling you this the Bengals will be good just right now their players are young

  64. Ian Lally

    HoF material indeed! Dude will make anyone love the game!

  65. Dyn_Soup

    NYG: 1 2 3 win NFL: no

  66. dylan

    Luckiest play ever

  67. OpOG

    My little heart 😢. I can’t take it. Boy have I missed this

  68. Matt Murphy

    First time this whole list where they said ”Best corner in the NFL” and it was true.

  69. Kaison Boy

    I'm a green bay fan I just hope we win

  70. Colton Begay

    Hmm a SB XXXVII rematch come this february in Tampa would be one I enjoy, then again, it could be Tampa and Pittsburgh ... let's hope I'm wrong


    This defense 🔥🔥

  72. Joseph DiGregorio

    49ers going to win though

  73. Payday18 !

    They stay disrespecting the bears 🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. Theo Keith Jones

    Washington over Cowboys.. it's a sad conference

  75. Aaradhyapalak singh

    don't believe me just watch

  76. Stacey Dickmann

    I’m saying 35-24 packers now that davonte Adams is pack😇😇😇

  77. Hadouken Hadouken

    Case over Baker any day all day.

  78. Jack C

    Everybody spending the money on the " bills "....and that when they miss the jet flight ....