Bills vs. Titans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2020


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    The Buffalo Bills take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 5 of the 2020 NFL season.
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    1. ZombaHenry garrotKomp


    2. Jason W Sands

      But where is th stiff arm?

    3. vbddfy euuyt

      I’m not the only one who thinks the Titans previous season was not just a Cinderella season?

    4. Darius Williams

      Any body else seen it 10:40

    5. Ca Perry

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    6. Alian Li


      1. vbddfy euuyt

        to the Houston Oilers ,Run and Shoot days man when that type of offense was clicking on all cylinders a defensive coordinator nightmare it was , I hope l jinx Tennessee by ly

    7. seeni gzty

      comfortable. Kinda makes you wonder why Mariota struggled so much when he had basically the same weapons. 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    8. Douglas DeNunzio

      titans and buffalo openly punted even in this

    9. Jackson Derrick

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      1. seeni gzty

        8:50 #13 was like ayo wtf

    11. Yalmaz Krad

      So, I have 3 sponsors, and I am far from them because of the war. I want to live, my children and my wife.

    12. Kenny Fan

      Toxic Bills fans alert 🚨

    13. oiuet souiu

      comfortable. Kinda makes you wonder why Mariota struggled so much when he had basically the same weapons. 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    14. Zachariah Lindsey

      As a Raider fan, I hope you guys destroy the chiefs tomorrow.

    15. Solace

      Josh Allen looks like hes a hardcore Fortnite player

    16. Lar

      Another Bills collapse... Ugh.

    17. Letha Ahmad

      go go bills

      1. oiuet souiu

        destroy all humans

    18. Gunner Morgan • 6 years ago

      Titans vs Seahawks For Super bowl 55


      Dam derick Hebert is a semi truck

    20. timmy _

      The 195 yards from Tennehill sound bad but he literally started like 5 drives inside the Bills 30 yard line

    21. Moose Moose

      i love the 15 minute highlight reel

    22. Aladdin Smith

      The Titans always had the defense that kept it somewhat decent average if you want to, offense in just about all of it games with consistency and steady getting them in the playoffs and past the first round a few times last year they put a scare in me by holding Lemar Jackson and the Ravens practically at bay in their own house having Jackson excepting the blame which his performance found him guilty leaving him seeking a lame excuse by saying he over looked or took them lightly instead of being straight up giving the Titans defense the reason they were beaten (I love calling it a good ass whooping )and Henry honorable mention grinding it out running the ball giving the defense rest I knew when Memphis's stopped Jackson on that fouth and a yard which set the tone a sore loser I am change the channel. The Titans a game away from the Super Bowl with a half to go holding the K C Chiefs off which they couldn't stop their surging in the second half through out playoffs and the Super .O K give credit to the acquisition of a mediocre Dolphin quarterback that seemed like he said show him a little defense to keep him in the game and as we now see the potential making him a high draft pick he now displays taking a Heisman trophy winner job for good even he the trophy recipient will say the best man has the job ok once again I'm not quite that ignorant it's just slow with the names of the Messiah in quest to lead the Titans to the promise Super Bowls ,it Tanahan his name and the Heisman winner who didn't do that bad yet warming the bench is where he he belongs when you got something showing no defects I wouldn't dare touch it you might piss it off ,ok what's his name now nursing the bench it starts with a M sounding Italian and lm not pushing it , I apologise forgive me for speaking of important people not knowing thier names .The Titans are off with the best starts ever going back to the Houston Oilers ,Run and Shoot days man when that type of offense was clicking on all cylinders a defensive coordinator nightmare it was , I hope l jinx Tennessee by lying saying good luck especially when they don't need it that's for sure as long as it's defense continues to give or show The Man Tanahan the love which he I'm sorry Miami didn't give him.its his destiny the Big one of course with one of the best defense help.

    23. Lorki

      I don't know about you guys but it's like I can sense the Titan's morale boost 🤣

    24. Robert Johnson

      Josh Allen is my favorite New Quarterback. Buffalo is my sleeper team n Tennessee also. Both teams are very well coached and are both coming together nicely. Wish buffalo had a real number 1 recievers tho.. Big with speed

    25. Jason Garcia

      8:50 #13 was like ayo wtf

    26. jay_615

      Haven't watch the titans since mcnair

    27. Landon Law

      Allen reminds me of mahomes so much... not in his class yet but Omg so similar

    28. adejoh ebiojo

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    29. 92Rafay

      Lets be honest. You're not here for the highlights but for Norman/Henry comments

    30. Richard Lang

      So the Bills laid an egg in this one. Happens to everyone. Except the '72 Dolphins of course

    31. Duncan Hallman

      destroy all humans

    32. Ninja Samurai

      King Henry is the heart and soul of my Titans.

    33. PlayerIdentity

      Derrick Henry, you against all odds made me win in fantasy... I was projected to lose by over 20 points....

    34. Alex D.

      I will build a creative Instagram site with a Lot of pictures where I watch Football with Food you could help me if you follow this side @alexfoodball9424 thank you Football Watchers and Friends 🙏👍

    35. Jamaal Wiley

      falling in reverse

    36. lIlIlIlI

      Can someone explain to me how titans won by 1 point against the vikings, but they beat the bills by a lot?

      1. JBTEsquire the Seventh

        Tannehill did much better qb play, the Bills made way more mistakes, like they were the ones to miss 2 weeks of practice, the Titans are historical for thriving under adversity, with head coaches like Vrabel and Fisher, the Vikings could actually get a run game going with Darvin Cook, and they got a monster performance out of their rookie WR, Justin Jefferson.

    37. DJbirfday

      he jumps into the end zone and throws the ball away before his feet touch the ground, somehow still a touch down?????

    38. TM6

      1:50 Sheesh I've never seen Bills fans so tame in my life 😂

    39. sean sims

      an undefeated season ?😊

    40. Big Bird

      Remember the Titans

    41. Tristan Lockamy

      Titans field is beautiful at night

    42. Steven J. Trump 2020

      9:01 Watch closely to Josh, amazing focus & ability.

    43. Brandon

      Titan's are still hungry, not even the loser Bills can get redemption

      1. Exx Reid

        Um the bills are better than the Titans 🤣🤣

    44. Ieremia Milovale

      2 weeks off Titan play with a lot of energy to win ,

    45. Kevin Repil

      Nice play Chris Jackson 5:50. Titans future shut down corner

    46. Nosy Rosie

      Good defense , Titans! You got bumped out of yards for you, buddy Bills! 😆👍♥️

    47. Nosy Rosie

      Awesome job, Bills! 👍🌬️🌀

    48. Mindfultranslations

      Until the parties concerned dome the stadium ( it is possible and perhaps cheaper ) or build a domed stadium... maybe downtown ya know the Canadians ay ... they’ll come to see the bills eat fake grass in the morning and watch the sabres feed blood sherbets to any contenders ... they were always a good outfit just not popular enough to be trusted with the Stanley .... the sabres could fight , skate , and shoot ... but the city itself just lacks the stardust , the luster , the shine . ... so lacking that the players want to hand just hand over the ring , the cup , to teams like the cowboys, the Canadians .... even when they know they can whip em ... it’s like it was with Ali !!!many fighters upon looking into his face feel like protecting him from any potential threat in the arena ... he had that much charisma.... boxers later admitted that they saw a model not a monster to pounce on as they were accustomed to doing.... Buffalo as a city needs this charm . That intimation governments use with structures to impress and intimidate their guests .... it’s exactly why dc is constructed the way it is ... a 250 yr old metropolis that looks thousands of years old with its huge stones and Greek Roman architecture.... not a plaza or carnival thrown up for a few bucks then the owner wants to sell cuz last years patrons ain’t comin back !

    49. Chris Maylor

      if runners in the nfl practised running towards the endzone instead of to the sidelines they would make a lot more yards

    50. Shade Tree

      Henry threw josh Norman down like get out of here lil man 😭

    51. good sl

      AFC playoffs gonna look tuff this year

    52. Gregory boss

      That was bullshit regardless if they're in the lead he was clearly a full yard passed the line of scrimmage. I guess the refs needed that for their fantasy football league.

    53. Trojan Buns

      That titans defence is ferocious!

    54. Science Failure

      Add a public reply...

    55. Willie Perry

      Damn Tennessee looks good

    56. LaDarrell Hickman

      Random: the titans punter almost went 80yards in total distance on that punt if he punted it from the end zone to the 20 yards line! Wow

    57. Grade A Director

      What’s funny is that Norman really wasn’t playing bad coverage for the most of the game besides that td and getting stuffed by Henry lol

    58. Sam Knobeloch

      Thumbs down just because the Derrick Henry stiff arm is not in this video. That is a crime.

    59. Titan Anderson


    60. Rishi Krishnan

      Interesting take on the Bills Titans game here:

    61. Braden Hudson

      We were a game away from sb and 2 out last 3 years we made postseason and won a hame game so no people we are not a fluke.We have been one of the most competitive teams since 2016

    62. Alonzo Toledo

      The Bills are a good team but they are no match for my Titans!!!

    63. matrixtc

      Refs didn't help, but the bills didn't deserve to win. Way too many self induced penalties

    64. Neo Potwana

      Why are they wearing helmets and shoulder pads


      Proverbs 3:31 Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.

    66. Hoten Hitonokoe


    67. Randall

      did they cut the stiff arm, you bastards, it goes from 2nd and 6 to 2 and 4 at 5:19

    68. Janiel Morales

      My Titans killed the bills

    69. Bernard wade

      Bills coaching staff sucks nobody should be surprised by this.


      Was he not pass the line of scrimmage on that last touchdown? I’m confused

    71. SprayYT

      Which Ravens quarterback is the best? Highlights montage!

    72. Bill D

      16 days yet they pulled off a great win, meditation memorization studying going over it in their heads was key to a successful victory.

    73. Andrew Gluck

      Josh Norman is getting his retirement papers 📄📃📑

    74. Andrew Gluck

      Titans up bro the bills just got dethroned by the Titans and we’re the best team in the AFC

    75. Garrett Demain

      Josh Norman just got baptized the second time

    76. J Legends420

      People done forgetting the rules lmaooo


      That punt at 6:00 was literally 80 yards with no bounce thats impressive

    78. Alex Mad

      UP the titans!!! all the way from Australia. im a huge fan

    79. cars Channel

      Tanneyhill has found new life in Tennessee and he's the type of QB that they needed. The sky is the limit for this team because they were close last year and it wasn't a fluke beating New England and Baltimore because they can win it all as long as they stay healthy and it's always nice to have a decent back up QB, just in case ! 🦅

    80. Abu Ibu

      Why was Josh Norman allowed to edit this before it was published? 15 minutes highlights and you don't include that stiff arm? What the hell!

    81. That big one

      This is toxic masculinity related to a false flag

    82. Preston Crum

      Every team josh norman plays for, penalties go up 100%. Like bruh he a walking penalty and he sucks

    83. Same Same

      Not a titans fan but I see them in the Super Bowl in a couple of years

    84. Real Is Real

      For The first time in a long time the Titans win a game without giving their fans anxiety attacks

    85. K

      7:06 Tannehill almost blowing out his knee/ankle. Lol, that would've been really dumb

    86. Gentleman Philosopher

      I submit to you frustration at 6:41 "Got dang it!" -the Bill at the 43 yard line

    87. Jennifer Nolen

      How The Hell Did The Ref Not See Tannehill Cross At Least 2 Yards Over The Line Of Scrimmage

    88. Jeremy McGee

      Let’s gooo baby 4-0

    89. TheThunderwesel

      Dude say what you want about Josh Allen but some of those throws he hit on the run were absolutely insane.

    90. Robert

      Since when does an incomplete pass make it into a highlight reel. smh

    91. Dirty Randy

      This game hurt!! hopefully the Bills can get healthy for the Chiefs game. They looked really bad against Tennessee.

    92. Biz Denardo

      Derrick henry have been doing too many curls for Josh norman,, 😂.

    93. Biz Denardo

      Kamalei correa wants out of Tennessee,, no cap.

    94. Nath Morales

      That stiff arm tho😂

    95. T85 Reloaded

      Titans the most quiet 4-0 team in history...

    96. JReid2K

      Gabriel Davis made a half ass attempt on the intercepted pass by Allen. He made no attempt to catch Butler until it was to late.

    97. CALL ME Daddy

      They got beat by the second string lol.

    98. Sage Myers

      When Tanehill says Ready!! The snap always comes right after. So damn predictable.

    99. Doggo zr

      Seahawks are just better

    100. Ram Regmi

      People say the chiefs are the best look at those titans!